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• Discover • Organize • Strategize •

We listen to your story, which guides initial planning and big-picture thinking. This is the part where people say, “Wouldn't it be great if it did this?” and we say, “We can do that.” Together, we'll prioritize our steps based on your business needs. We listen when you have concrete ideas or any abstract thoughts, we are great at translating your efforts into a successful campaign that communicates and markets your ideas to right audience. Discussions always start with a call or email and we are always ready to discuss your next project.


• Evaluate • Conceptualize • Refine •

The entire team gets together and celebrates the beginning of a new project. We'll go over goals, introduce the key players, and ensure we're off on the right foot. From there we start creating rough drafts, concepts and wireframes, which shapes the project as we move forward. Communication is critical in this phase as we refine and conceptualize your idea into a vision that we share. Sharing an established understanding will provide direction to your project as the creative machine gets underway.


• Design • Develop • Test •

As a clear path for the project evolves we move into full creative motion. We check in with each project and review what's been accomplished, what issues need resolution and what we can do to keep our momentum. Clients often join us, providing feedback and guidance with each important update. Projects bend and mold with time, once again client input allows us to remain agile, and ensures we're delivering precisely the best solution. This phase might include QA and beta testing to assure you the best quality and experince to your audience.


• Market • Promote • Feedback •

Once the project is complete, if a strategy to promote and enter your product into the market is all your missing, we can provide a plan to effectively reach your target audience. Afterwards, we sit down with you and talk about how our two companies can continue to work together. We'll review what worked, what we can improve upon, and what we can accomplish next. We believe receiving and understanding feedback from your audience is an important process as well.


• Logo • Product • Direction •

Building a memorable brand is the goal of every company, and from the second a business is conceived entrepreneurs start to focus on naming their enterprise. True brand loyalty is not built by name alone. Good brands come from good ideas. Steel Bear Services helps people with good ideas turn them into lasting brands by focusing on design, brand development and helping our clients build brand equity. A strategy to build an image must be managed over time and our team of experience professionals can help make sure that your company stays loyal to your brand promise.


• Website • Application • Interface •

In a world of laptops and smart phones, your audience is looking for you online. Steel Bear Services is an “A to Z” web development company always keeping its services up-to-date with the latest trends on the market, providing its customers all over the world with high-end-class and easily extensible internet products. Solutions Steel Bear Services offers range from creating custom website designs to developing business applications of any complexity. Steel Bear Services can also give your site a better position on the Internet with our extensive knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and other online marketing areas.


• Advertising • Video • Print •

Not all solutions call for interactive technology, consumers are comfortable with traditional medias like paper and tv, and certain segments of the market actually prefer it. Uniquely enough, paper gets around, too! It has what is called pass-a-long value, meaning it travels from one reader to the next - reaching individuals who would have never heard your message otherwise. The reality is that people still read print, they still go to trade shows, they still buy magazines, they still see bilboards, they still watch tv, and they still want your business card! You need to be prepared both online and offline to meet your target market with your message.


• Content • Experience • Research •

Advertising production and digital development costs continue to rise while budgets are constrained or cut. Steel Bear Services knows marketers are looking for ways to get more impact and value for their spending, and procurement partners have been tasked with even greater responsibility in bringing solutions to the table. Steel Bear Services is in the business of providing assurance to brand marketers as well as bringing them expertise and providing them confidence that their marketing communications spending will deliver results.

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